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As is the proverbial acceptance that well states is 'The Decor of any front office is directly proportionate to the immediate solvency of the firm'.  Be it a small expertise,  a large corporation the underlying purpose of accumulating assets should occur only after reasonable stabilization of commencement of its operations. This theory does not have an exception even on  your  vital indulgence of  investments on most important unavoidable furniture and fixtures too. But, yet it is the first business compulsion to create, provide and offer an environment of class,  comfort and convenience with in for those many of your own and  the endless scores of people who call on you from outside at your business premises everyday.                       

Appreciating this basic need,  ' Trade Agencies '  is involved in the activity of furniture and fixture rental services for the past 20 years and every aforesaid word will stand as business testimony of yester years, today and the time to follow. This we say with a commitment that is a reflection of correct and successful decision of over 400 nice, medium and large business houses who are our valued customers. Enfield, Ford, Hyundai, Hanil Lear, HCL, MFL, Matsushita Air Conditioning India Ltd., Petro Araldite, Mascon Global, Office Tiger, GRO, Mahindra acres, NICCO  UCO,  City Corp, Tupperware and Visteon form a few of this major group of clients. We  offer the entire range of furniture and fixtures that will make your office needs total and all domestic appliances for your guest houses and senior executive residence requirement  complete.  At the end of it all it is our business ethics and language to say that we are looking forward to adding your company's name to our clienteles list.

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                     Your Needs are our Offerings

                                                  Your Needs are our Offerings